This whole blog thing

I have mixed feelings about blogging. I already post my photos on Facebook, G+ and Flickr, and the people who actually check my blog are mostly my friends. That means that the “readers” have already been spammed with my photos at least once on at least FB. How much fun is it seeing the same things over and over?

But then again I’m thinking I should move my blog to some other blog network. WordPress is not doing it for me. Maybe I should start blogging in Swedish… Maybe I should just skip the whole thing completely.

Well, until I decide you have this photo to look at!

Model: Christine B, Scandinavian Models, Stockholmsgruppen

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3 Responses to This whole blog thing

  1. hanna b says:

    sv: Absolut kan dom göra det! Du är med! 🙂

  2. hanna b says:

    sv: Tack! Vad roligt att du gillar bilden! 🙂 Jag har sett hennes bilder och hon är så sjukt grym. 🙂

  3. hanna b says:

    sv: Ja, märkligt ord, men ännu märkligare ord har gått in, igår skrev någon tott och det blev godkännt, vad är en tott liksom? 😛 Men snuskorden skulle jag kunna vara utan. 😉

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