funny in Paris

Okay, just to take a break from modeling photos I decided to post some stuff from Paris. Some, in my opinion, more or less funny stuff.

PS: Sorry Erman, didn’t have time to change the font and the thing and you know… 

HAHA, American tourists! So funny! It’s funny ’cause they were EVERYWHERE! Okay, it’s just kinda cute… 

The anatomically correct horse with wings… 

The ridiculously expensive breakfast in a restaurant where we didn’t feel too welcome. Yeah, hilarious! 

A funny bird taking a swim in a puddle! 

The Louvre ain’t no joke. This is serious business.

Funny girl! Gets humour!

Funny (and sexy) African art, yaah…

Starbucks! Funny ’cause it was in the Louvre. 

The heir of Don Juan

Ridiculously funny change of movie name! From English to English. In France…

Nothing funny about this, just crazy good macarons! Anyone who says otherwise, whateva! 

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