just plain brilliant…

I can’t stop myself from posting these photos both in black & white and color. Please forgive me 🙂 But I really like them!

We were supposed to shoot on a tiny piece of a sand beach and some other places but we ended up in a public parking lot because of the rain. Actually, Valentina even thought that we would cancel because of the crappy weather but I was determined 😛

Anyway, Valentina had her make up done by her co-worker from MistStockholm. I will have to get back to you with the name. I don’t think I will be posting any more photos until I am done with all of them! So thank you Valentina RosĂ©n and of course, thank you Carola for holding the reflectors 🙂

Edit: The top is from AvAnna

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3 Responses to just plain brilliant…

  1. Åh gumman jag Ă€lskar bilderna!!! Wow!! Åh pepp pepp! Skulle gĂ€rna fortsĂ€tta sĂ„dant hĂ€r slags samarbete om du vill? Kramar!

  2. Ă„terigen – sĂ„ snygga bilder!!

    tĂ€nkte mig ett samarbete dĂ€r du fĂ„r vĂ€lja plagg och göra fler photoshoots – jag fĂ„r anvĂ€nda bilderna – dub blir lĂ€nkad och creddad och fĂ„r reklam som fotograf =)

  3. modellens namn tillagt. LÀgger till muans nÀr du fÄtt det och alla er anamn kommer stÄ med nÀr jag lÀgger ut bilden pÄ framsidan av shoppen.

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