in lack of better stuff

Yesterday I won a competition in Anna’s blog which made the rather tough day a lot better! For that I’m grateful and I kinda feel I need to give back a little to Anna, who besides the competition also gave me a link and I really need a bigger audience here on my blog… Hope at least a couple of the people who clicked on the link chose to stay. So if you are one of them then WELCOME! Leave a comment, huh? 😉

Besides that I’m visiting my parents right now and that means I unfortunately couldn’t pack down my iMac and take it with me (but I do think it should have a handle so I can carry it around all times, I mean, who cares that it weighs like 15 kilos, I still think it could be portable) ’cause using this old piece of sh.. laptop sucks! And I don’t have anything interesting on it either… That’s why you get to see this rather unflattering photo of me from like 2 years ago…

Desperate attempt to make you laugh at least a little… 

….my god, I need to get back to the gym….

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