Tour Eiffel

So when I was in Paris I took around 650 photos and I am not exaggerating if I say one third of them are of the Eiffel Tower from different angles. 🙂

Looking back I wish I had taken more time to really check the composition. I had a hard time taking the last couple of photos here, no tripod and no good place in the crowds of tourists. So as you can see in one of the photos there’s a top but no cool foreground and in the other there’s a cool foreground but no top of the Eiffel 🙂 Anyway, I will be going back to this amazing city one day! And when I do that I will have one of these cute, small tripods that I saw one of the Japanese tourists carrying around. Maximum 30 cm in height and stable enough for a huge cam. Oh, and of course, a wide angle lens wouldn’t hurt either….

Anyway, here’s a compilation and I hope you enjoy it!

PS: Don’t steal my photos! You are very welcome to buy them! Some of these photos would look pretty nice on your walls, I’m sure 😉

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  1. Mimmiiiss says:

    Watch and comment my blog, skulle vara najs!

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