ain’t it typical

The power goes out right in the middle of me skin retouching a photo. In fact I was doing the last touches and just about to finish when the screen went black. Damn thunder! Anyway, kinda killed my mood and taught me a lesson at the same time 🙂 Save, save, save!! Especially in stormy weathers…

Good thing I have other photos to show on the blog! I am really super thankful for the last shoot, I got so much good material from a girl who doesn’t even work as a model(!) Insane 🙂 She could teach others 😛 And just to prove my point check out the transformation from the first, to the second, and finally the third photo! From innocently wide-eyed to femme fatale haha, awesome! Thank you Valentina Rosén! MistStockholm.

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2 Responses to ain’t it typical

  1. angie says:

    Nice pics 🙂

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