it’s been a couple of days….

I’ve been kinda busy, kinda frustrated and kinda absent-minded lately… Trying to perform in school and kinda losing my nerves at the same time… 🙂 So the blog has been quiet dead. I’ve also made an attempt to find a make up artist for some photoshoots I have planned in my head, without too much success of finding them. I just gotta work harder huh?

Anywho, this isn’t a whine-blog, it’s a photo blog. So here are some photos from Brussels last summer. (I am not too excited about showing old photos, but at least for some of you they’re new… I hope)

PS: Summer’s almost here.. Maybe there’ll even be time for a glass of wine on someone’s balcony…

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One Response to it’s been a couple of days….

  1. åh nu blev jag verkligen superdupermega glad! Underbart att du blev nöjd! Då är jag nöjd!

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