coffee and experiments

I drink coffee. Sometimes three times per day. Kinda much, don’t you think? Well, it’s not so much the taste of coffee that I like. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike it either…) It’s the idea behind the coffee. It’s warm, comforting, relaxing. It’s the Swedish fika. The cookie that goes with the coffee. It’s dangerous. I love those cookies, the cakes, even the sandwiches that go with the coffee. I always have coffee for breakfast and I didn’t think it was anything weird until my grandma reacted in a funny way. You see, in her world coffee comes first and then you eat. But for me doing both things at the same time is nothing strange…

Why am I writing this? No idea 🙂 I had coffee a couple of hours ago but I want one again. I asked myself why, and my answer is up there…

Anyway, sometimes I experiment with my photos. Usually I never like it. But at least it’s fun 🙂 (I wrote somewhere before; no post without a photo….)

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