some photos from my iPhone

I definitely have to get better at using my iPhone cam…. Here’s some stuff from the last couple of days.

A recipe for Nutella muffins. For those of you who don’t speak Swedish, ignore this next part: Nutellafrosting = 100 g philadelphia ost + 100 g nutella som man rör ihop…. 🙂 Krokanten har jag ingen koll på…

I love how the sky is pink in this photo…

Another reflection photo, big surprise. You can see my car in the window, if you know which one it is…

Our cat got very skinny lately, so we took him to the Vet to see what’s wrong…

Here he is scared at the Vet’s office.

Well, turns out it’s mating season and he’s horny, so eating food is not an option. He’s only thinking of, well, you guessed it, pussy 😛 Pun intended haha.

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