I love sushi so when Aira suggested we go for a sushi lunch today there was no hesitation in my mind 🙂 We decided to try the new place ShinNori (Ågatan, Linköping) and it was really awesome! The decoration and the general atmosphere of the place is really cool and the food was delicious. I tried to take some photos but as always it’s hard to take any kinds of photos with hard shadows and harsh sunlight. Feel free to share your opinions on these ones 🙂

Sirus took the last photo and I guess he thought it would be funny to put the bottle in between us…. 😛 Besides that, I just love how my hair lets my ear peek out… Not 😛

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3 Responses to sushi

  1. *Airita* says:

    Dzeli, det blev jätte bra! Jag gillar assietten med soja i och reflexen i den.. fint!

  2. *Airita* says:

    Förresten, du ser ut som en ängel :)! Du passar i vit..

  3. suanrau says:


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